Lessen Your Academic Stress

5 Most Beautiful Places in World to Lessen Your Academic Stress

Stress has become an unavoidable factor in academia in these days. It was always a part of student’s life but the persistent pace of modern era and competition in educational and professional lives has brought it to the extent where it has created some serious mental health problems among students. In this scenario students need to come up with some radical options that can take them out of the continuous pressure they are facing to balance their academic life. If there are no positive outcomes of your daily relaxing routine then you may need to plan a vacation. Travelling can be a great way to escape the monotonous routine and relax your mind. In the article below, there are five travelling destinations shared by a dissertation editing firm that can offer best chance to relieve your academic stress.

Ubud, Bali:

Ubud, Bali is among the most peaceful and relaxing places on earth. This place is a blend of relative modernity and quality infrastructure with quiet, tranquil and scenic beauty. The unspoiled countryside, with shrines and distant peaks are far more relaxing then the various other beach resorts that are bustling with number of tourists. Bali’s extravagant accommodations and spas can be a perfect refuge from the chaos of the relentless pace of modern life. This place is a perfect amalgamation of adventure, rest and peace. Its chilled vibe makes it among the most relaxing destinations on earth. Students will definitely enjoy their stay in Ubud, Bali and come back with a refreshing and new outlook to their lives.

Bay of Islands:

Located off the northeastern coast of New Zealand, The Bay of Islands encompasses a group of 144 islands and various towns.  This place is the favorite among the people who love sailing, diving and other water sports. The warm and clear water in this region are best for swimming and sailing. The scenic beauty and serenity provide perfect opportunities for some introspection and soul-searching. This spectacular region can help the students to lessen their stress. If you are searching for a place with some gorgeous scenery to de-stress yourself then you can choose The Bay of Island as your next travelling destination.

Langkawi, Malaysia:

Langkawi, a Malaysian destination can be a great spot for relaxation and entertainment for students. Langkawi archipelago is known for its lush greenery, startling limestone cliffs and breathtaking natural geological formations. It’s can be called as the geopark of Southeast Asia with jam-packed biodiversity that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The high mountain peaks and complex cave routes add into the scenic beauty of the place. You can relieve the stress of academic life by indulging in activities like eagle-watching and mangrove tour.

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The Cyclades:

A trip to Cyclades in Greece will provide you an enriching experience with its blend of glamour and natural beauty. The Cyclades are a group of over 200 islands, many of which feature rugged coastlines dotted with white stucco villages. If you want to experience true seclusion then the islands like Sikinos, Kimolos and Anafi can be best choices for you. The quiet beaches and tranquility of these places will help you to meditate and relieve your stress. During off season, the other parts of the island are also less overwhelming. The stunning views of these islands will help you to freshen up your mind along with the best opportunities for recreation and enjoyment.


Some of France’s best scenic spots and medieval towns are in Burgundy. The region is known for its rivers and canals. You can rent a canal boat to discover the network of waterways meandering through the region. In the region’s capital, Dijon you will find medieval architecture that has been preserved from the effects of the wars. These sites provide enriching experiences for the students who are interested in history and arts. Located in the heart of France, Burgundy offers some of the most beautiful and historical sites. Students can explore many ancient sites while enjoying their stay in Burgundy.

The stress and pressure of academic life can become a source of many psychological problems. Spending some time in places which are rich in natural beauty can help to relieve stress and anxiety. The places suggested above have some of the most beautiful and eye-catching scenic resorts. You will experience improvement in your mood and less-burdened after returning from these places. You brain will benefit from the journey in many ways and as a result you will be able to take a fresh start in your academic progress.