Challenging Month

Why March is Most Challenging Month for Students?

As compared to the rest of the year, the month of March is most challenging for students especially for those who are returning from different universities across the country. It would not be wrong to say that this month is probably the toughest for students, not only because it is academically challenging but also because it is the time when their future is being decided and the students dread the results.

Students who are dedicated, and want to achieve their academic goals and work hard for them, are always looking for ways and means to achieve success but things always do not go as they want or plan. It is the time when most of the students get to know if they will be able to be a part of the upcoming academic year and many of the students face rejection or failure which is very disheartening for them.

According to a PhD dissertation writing service, in the first two months of the new academic year, the universities begin to send the students messages regarding any outstanding fees they have from the previous year. In most of these cases, the message end with the universities saying that if the students are unable to pay the fees and clear their dues, they will no longer be able to continue with the current academic year. While it might seem to be harsh yet this is the reality that students end up facing due to a lack of finances or proper fee management.

Financial problems are the main issue that our society and especially students are facing these days due to over deteriorating economy world over. Not only the third world countries but the developed and established economies are having problems in trying to keep up things; big corporations are cutting down budgets and firing people which is putting a burden on the governments and in turn causing havoc in the society. It is a cruel reality because at the beginning of the year, the universities allow students to register on a provisional basis and it seems the students are on their way to achieving their dreams and become a part of the upcoming academic years.

However, all this comes crashes down and their dream is taken away from them. It would not be wrong to call it an inhumane process that has been going on for a long time now and thousands of students suffer due to the callous attitude of the college and university administrations and governments. The month of March has just begun and students have begun to receive letters that state that they have not been able to clear their dues from the previous year and if they are unable to pay them off on an immediate basis, they will no longer be able to continue with their studies. This means hundreds of students will be packing their bags to go home this month.

The students have very limited time to arrange finances and most of them are unable to do anything on an immediate basis because they have no choice. They were unable to pay the fees till now and there is no way they will be able to come up with such a big amount in a few days. While some students find something to do like seeking admission in some course or doing something else, most of the students have no choice but they have to go back to their cities or towns and spend doing odd jobs or wasting their time till they can do something.

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This situation is very sad and depressing as we hear the governments stressing the importance of higher education on one hand but the other hand, students getting a notice to go home is very bad. Most of the students are excited to get enrolled in the degree program of their choice as they want to work hard and achieve their goals and are encouraged by the university policy to pay later but when their inability to pay the outstanding fee becomes the biggest hurdle. The financial difficulties that they faced last year can cost them their future and becomes a very challenging time for students who do not know what to do.

March is a time when students are apprehensive about what will happen; it is a difficult time as they fear that their dreams will be snatched from their hands because of something that they have no control over. They will not only have to say goodbye to their dreams but also bid adieu to the friends they have made, the future they had planned, and not knowing what the future holds for them.